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We Are A Unique Innovation Fund
That Connects Its Dream Team Members To Investments In Their Areas Of Interest & Capabilities

Our Investment model 

  • We are using our scouting capabilities as an R&D group for a early finding of the next technological breakthrough

  • We offer our fund members a unique investment model built on matching there capabilities with our R&D group to create joint venture investment groups 

  • We offer our members the technological and business development capabilities of our R&D group to develop & build groundbreaking technologies all the way to the market

Our Innovation System


Finding Breakthrough Technologies

Creating collaborations with research institutes and academies


Creating A Proof Of Concept,

IP protections,

winning business plans


Round A-Raising capital from the fund's investors 

Round B-Raising capital from investors related to the field of development


Developing rapid & advanced prototypes

Scale up for capabilities and production system & subcontracting

Business Development

Building a strategic infrastructure for market penetration and recruiting strategic customers

Runners Taking Off
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