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  • Finding Market Needs

  • Partnerships

  • Dream Teams

Finding Market Needs:

  • Collecting information by conducting development surveys

  • meeting with strategic clients

  • providing development proposals according to different customer needs


  • Build long-term collaborations with strategic clients

  • Building collaborations with future technology development partners

Dream Teams:

  • Finding independent technology experts

  •  building collaborations with academies and research centers

Rugby Players


  • Choosing The Right Place

  • The Right Support

  • The Right Infrastructure

Choosing The Right Place:

Choosing the right home location for developing your  technology, choosing the right EcoSystem, choosing the right future business base

The Right Support:

Choosing the right partners

The Right Infrastructure:

Choosing the most extensive and resilient infrastructure

Team Meeting


  • Creating A Proven Concept

  • Building A Business Infrastructure For Raising Capital 

  • Building Your Dream Team

Creating A Proven Concept:

Execution of a development process to a proven concept level

Building A Business Infrastructure For Raising Capital:

Building an applied business plan for a winning business model

Building Your Dream Team

Recruiting and locating the right people for the appropriate stages

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